Gunn and Safran Address the Future of Superman & Lois

There aren’t a lot of DC shows on The CW anymore, but Superman & Lois is the flagship series for what used to be the Arrowverse. And while the show doesn’t factor into the plans of DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, they appear to be bullish about the future of Superman & Lois.

Via Variety, Gunn and Safran said that they expect the show to run “one to two more seasons.” Gunn added that “It’s a show everybody likes, so it’s going to keep going for a little bit.”

If Superman & Lois does go for four or five seasons, that would potentially allow the series to wrap in 2025. That would be good timing, since Gunn’s Superman: Legacy film is also slated to open in theaters on July 11, 2025.

However, Variety notes that Gunn and Safran declined to comment on the future of Gotham Knights. That series takes place after the murder of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and centers on Bruce’s adoptive son, Turner Hayes. Thus far, the early fan response to Gotham Knights has been less than enthusiastic.

The future of either show is also dependent on The CW’s new owners, Nexstar Media Group. Nexstar has significantly cut back on The CW’s scripted fare. And aside from The Flash‘s final season, Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights are the last superhero shows on the network. After this season, Nexstar will decide whether to renew either series for next season.

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