Neil Druckmann Provides an Update on The Last of Us Season 2

After two episodes, The Last of Us has been nothing short of a hit for HBO. With 4.7 million viewers, the pilot became the second-most-watched debut on HBO since 2010. Furthermore, the second episode registered 5.7 million viewers, the largest increase in week two audience growth for an HBO original drama in the network’s history (via Variety). With big ratings and strong critical acclaim, a second season feels inevitable. Neil Druckmann, co-creator of The Last of Us and the original game designer, addressed the rumors (via Buzzfeed) surrounding a potential season 2.

“We have had conversations about where we would go if we get renewed. Nothing has been official yet,” said Druckmann. “The response so far has been incredible — reviews, fans, coming off the first episode — so we just pray that people will keep watching, we’ll keep having this response, and there’ll be more story to tell.”

Druckmann was the writer and co-director of The Last of Us video game, which came out in 2013. Ten years later, Druckmann views the series as a chance to further elaborate on ideas and storylines introduced in the game.

“We’re able to do a deeper dive on certain explanations of how the infection spread,” explained Druckmann. “In the game, it’s just hinted at. Here, we’re able to flesh it out a bit more and get into specifics of why certain decisions were made — like bombing the outskirts of a quarantine zone in hopes of trying to push the infection out. Likewise, how Ellie is infected and what that means. We did a bit more research and had something that’s more scientifically plausible than what was in the game.”

The Last of Us airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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