Final Star Trek: Picard Trailer Date Revealed, Footage Teased

Boldly going where few Trekkers have gone before! The new, final Star Trek: Picard season 3 trailer will follow the lead of Star Wars and Marvel by debuting during a football game. Next Sunday, Jan 29, during halftime of the AFC championship game, Paramount will make it so. As a tease, and to make an association between Star Trek and football as far as teamwork goes, Paramount+ has revealed a tiny bit of new footage to whet the appetite.

Check it out below:

We’ve much to learn about what comes next. What does Amanda Plummer’s scary-looking villain want? If Worf is a pacifist, how come he carries a big sword? How did Lore manage to age to look like Brent Spiner today? The third season of Picard finally brings together the story we all wanted to see from the beginning. It’s a full-on Next Generation reunion, with the late Mr. Data represented by his evil twin. Wesley Crusher, who showed up at the end of last season, probably has other things to do.

Picard season 3 begins on Paramount+ February 16. Everything about it implies it will be the last one. Though not, perhaps, the last time we ever see any of these characters.

If you’re not into football, stay tuned to Superhero Hype, and we’ll post the trailer as soon as it’s online. Are you excited for it? Let u s know in comments.

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