Dead City Stars Talk Crossover Potential With Other TWD Spinoffs

With The Walking Dead concluded, the franchise’s future now lies with the spinoffs. Three spinoffs — The Walking Dead: Dead City, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, and Untitled Rick and Michonne series — will premiere in 2023 and 2024. Although these characters will head their separate ways, they could interact with each other down the road. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, who will reprise their roles as Negan and Maggie for Dead City, believe there is crossover potential with other Walking Dead spinoffs.

“I think the door is open because we are all on the same timeline,” Morgan told E! News. “They are existing at the same time. So I think there is the opportunity to bring a character from this show, a character from that show, and do something else that can continue.” Adds Cohan, “There’s hope of a collision.”

Negan and Maggie are an unlikely pairing because of their heated history together. Negan killed Maggie’s husband, Glenn (Steven Yeun), at the start of TWD season 7. Although Negan apologized for the murder in the series finale, Maggie did not forgive him, which begs the question as to how and why they end up together in Dead City. For Cohan, the idea of enemies-turned-allies was too good of a challenge to pass up.

“It’s a good territory for us to get into as actors, but our audience is going to want to see it,” Cohan said. “It is so much left on the table. If you’re tethered to somebody you have every reason to never want to deal with and want to hate and you have to, for me it just brings up the biggest questions you can have in life.”

Adds Morgan, “We got to do all this new stuff and dive into dark places that you really need to trust your partner. Make no mistake, we really are partners in this, on screen and off, and yet she might kill me at any moment. Or maybe me her. Who knows?

The Walking Dead: Dead City is scheduled to premiere on AMC in June 2023.

Which characters should Maggie and Negan interact with from The Walking Dead franchise? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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