Amazon Reveals the First Photo From Invincible Season 2

Our first look at Invincible season 2 footage might only be one day away. Amazon has been teasing that this month would finally deliver some major news about the return of its critically-lauded superhero series. And with January winding down, the show’s official Twitter page has just let slip that a big announcement is coming tomorrow. As a bonus, the tweet even includes a new image from the upcoming episodes.

The photo shows Steven Yuen’s Mark Grayson/Invincible visiting Burger Mart (his former place of employment) with Allen the Alien, the cycloptic extraterrestrial whom Mark previously encountered in season 1. The characters originally met during a fight in Earth’s orbit, which ended when Allen realized he was scouting the wrong world for the Coalition of Planets. He reunited with Invincible in the season finale, where he revealed that his home world was destroyed by the Viltrumites and that the Coalition was trying to unite enough planets to stop them for good.

Seth Rogen, who is also one of Invincible’s executive producers, provided Allen’s voice in the first season, and will presumably be back for season 2. Clearly, he and Invincible are still on friendly terms. But whether they still need to communicate telepathically now that they’re both on Earth remains to be seen.

Tomorrow’s Invincible season 2 announcement(s) could be anything from a trailer to a release date (or if we’re lucky, both). Viewers might also learn which other characters from Robert Kirkman’s original comic are making their series debuts this year, along with which voice actors are bringing them to life. Whatever the case, a follow-up tweet indicates that the news will arrive sometime between 6am and 10:43am PT.

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