Star Wars: The Bad Batch Posters Complete the Team

New year, new Star Wars. The Bad Batch return to TV screens in just a few days, ready to take on a new mission and mispronounce their sister Omega’s name endlessly. On worlds where the Empire is ascendant, promoting its black, white and gray aesthetic, the Batch now don more colorful armor like the classic Clones they once fought alongside. It’s probably something to do with Rex’s new mission for them. But it surely doesn’t hurt that Hasbro can sell action figure repaints too. They sport the new colors on a series of new Bad Batch posters. Hunter and Omega were previously shown, but now we get the whole team, including their treacherous enemy Crosshair.

The former Bad Batch team member whose allegiance to Palpatine remained, Crosshair stays in the dark gray. It’s a good fit for the Empire.

Echo, the reclaimed victim of cybernetic experiments, looks a little less zombified in the team colors. The orange stripes bring out his eyes.

Tech brings up a lot of questions about where the gene for a receding hairline falls in the Clone DNA. If one has it, shouldn’t they all? Then again, this is a genotype that bred a near-infinite supply of men and exactly one girl, somehow. Science works differently on Kamino.

To the extent that Wrecker now sports yellow streaks, they are obviously ironic.

The Bad Batch season 2 kicks off Jan 4 on Disney+. Will you tune in? Let us know in comments.

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