BBC Shares Official Images of the New Doctor and Companion

It’s tough to know how these Doctor Who regenerations are numbered any more. What with at least two unofficial incarnations, and one now doubling back, any number chosen is kind-of cheating. But fans are calling Ncuti Gatwa the fifteenth, so let’s go with that. We’ve had a look at him in character before (see above), probably shortly post-regeneration. However, in official BBC images this weekend, we get the first look at the new Doctor and companion in their proper costumes.  And 15 looks the most stylish since Christopher Eccleston’s 9.

Traditionally, the Doctor tends to dress eccentrically, a reflection of his not particularly belonging anywhere. (Witness 11’s insistence that fezzes are cool.) As the character has evolved over the decades, becoming more romantic among other things, he (or she) has become a bit more inclined to dress in a way that might please others. He and companion Ruby Sunday could easily be headed to the club in those outfits. The orange shirt might be a bit of a standout target for adversaries with weapons, but that aside, it color-coordinates.

What do you make of the Doctor’s new clothes? Let us hear your style critiques in comments.

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