Kirby Howell-Baptiste Describes a Deleted Scene From The Sandman

At the recent CCXP, the audience got to see an exclusive deleted scene from The Sandman on Netflix. They were told it would only be for them, never to be seen again. Naturally, when comics fans hear they can’t see something, they’re going to want to even more, but at least Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who plays death, was able to describe the missing moment, in a recent chat with Collider.

“[I]t was a scene where it’s a continuation of myself and Dream (Tom Sturridge) walking and talking through London and he’s going about,” she recalls. “He’s with me on a day of work. He’s like, ‘Bring your kid to work day.’ In that scene, what we talk about is Death goes through her job, and she expects… What she does, obviously, gets resistance. So what she talks about is, she decided to experience what she does. So she lived for a day and then met herself. She was taking it, she had her amount of time.”

“And I think that scene, or that part that we have taken from the comic, is so key to who Death is. And the reason why she’s so compassionate is because she understands because she went through it. So she understands that no one is ready at the end because she herself, being Death and knowing what was going to happen, still didn’t feel ready to go.”

Neither she nor any of the other actors knows yet when the next episodes will begin filming.

Did Netflix make a mistake trimming that scene? Tell us your opinion in comments below.

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