Tony Gilroy Looks Ahead To Andor Season 2

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Andor season 1 episode 12! 

The Andor season 1 finale ended with Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor finally asking Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) to take him into the Rebel fold. And in a new interview with Fandom, Andor showrunner and creator Tony Gilroy was unambiguous about what that means for Cassian going forward.

“His allegiance to the Rebellion – which means a lot of different things to a lot of different people – his allegiance and his commitment to that will not be in doubt anymore,” said Gilroy. “That’s a blood oath he’s made at the end. So that question is over. But becoming a leader… What do you do with that?”

Gilroy added that the second season will follow Cassian’s evolution as a Rebel leader while the Alliance begins to come together.

“How are all of these disparate factions going to try to learn to play together and turn into Yavin? [There will be] all of the betrayal with that, all the manipulation of that by the Empire, the spy game, the war games, the personal stuff, while we’re telling a ripping yarn, a big adventure,” added Gilroy. “But it will be about using [Cassian’s] leadership and negotiating his way through the minefield of a revolution that’s trying to come together.”

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While speaking with Collider, Luna offered his own insight into Cassian’s offer to Luthen at the end of episode 12.

“There’s a lot of learning to come to find the Cassian we see in Rogue One, and the commitment, the clarity, the belief that he has there,” said Luna. “But here, what he’s saying is like, ‘Yeah, take this [life] away from me because it means nothing unless I’m part of what you guys are fighting for.’ And I think it’s that, it’s very deep, and it’s the moment he finds out he can be different [from] what everyone sees in him and what he sees, and what he thought he was. That there is a chance to transform, to evolve, and to become part of a solution.”

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Gilroy also reiterated to Fandom that the plan is still to end the show in season 2 right as Rogue One begins.

“It’s no secret, I’ve said it a million times, the last episode of our show, we’ll walk [Cassian] across the tarmac into the ship on his way to the Ring of Kafrene to go begin [Rogue One],” noted Gilroy. “So we’re going to have to be there, we’re gonna have to be in Yavin and we’re going to have to tie that in. We’re going to have to send him there with the few bits of breadcrumbs and evidence that make the trip worthwhile and make a risky thing like that worth it to the Rebel Alliance.”

Andor season 2 is currently in production and expected to premiere in 2024. All episodes of Andor season 1 are now streaming on Disney+.

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