Denise Gough Explains How Dedra Meero is Similar to Cassian Andor

The main storyline of Andor centers around Cassian’s journey from petty thief to rebel spy in the events leading up to Rogue One. However, some of the more intriguing plot points revolve around other characters, like Dedra Meero. Throughout the season, Meero’s strong intuition and drive have led her to rise to new ranks within the Imperial Security Bureau. Denise Gough, who plays Meero, compares her determination (via The Hollywood Reporter) within the Empire to that of another character on the opposite side of the fight.

“She’s incredibly ambitious, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be at the top of the Empire. And she wants everything to be done properly. During interrogations, she’s meticulous and careful, something which many of her colleagues are not. In her mind, she’s convinced she must save the Galaxy and therefore sees herself as a heroine,” said Gough. “And that’s terrifying, if you think about it. Because she’s ready to do anything to succeed and she isn’t scared to go for a fascist approach. In a way, she’s similar to [Diego Luna’s character] Cassian. But in a completely different way.”

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Andor continues to receive praise for its social and political commentary. Gough’s character development, in particular, is not just an examination of a woman rising in a workplace full of men but a study of how power will corrupt whoever attains it.

“That life is full of shades, grays, and people are never fully good or evil. And that’s only the most superficial, immediate, aspect of the writing in Andor. There are also other themes,” said Gough. “Take a look at my character: she’s a woman who finds herself surrounded by men, men who are often completely useless. But it’s not all a matter of gender. Andor shows a woman who can be corrupt as much as a man and highlights the effect that power may have on anyone.”

The Andor season 1 finale is now streaming on Disney+.

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