Disney+ Shares a Trailer For Marvel’s Director by Night Special

Because he’s apparently too cool for Marvel’s Assembled documentary series, Disney+ is giving Michael Giacchino his own making-of special that examines his work on Werewolf by Night. In addition to being Marvel’s first holiday-themed production, Werewolf by Night also marked the first time that Giacchino (who previously composed the music for several MCU films) has stepped behind the camera for the studio. Now, the aptly-named Director by Night invites fans to take a closer look at his creative process.

At 54 minutes, the special is roughly as long as Werewolf by Night itself. Regardless, it offers much more insight than the average Assembled installment. Scoring movies has been Giacchino’s bread and butter for more than 20 years. However, he’s been making his own Super-8 films since his early childhood in southern New Jersey. Viewers will even get to watch old grainy footage of some of these projects, revealing that his love of horror goes back a long way. The special was directed by Giacchino’s brother, documentary filmmaker Anthony Giacchino. Anthony also appears alongside his mother, Josephine, to share some additional thoughts on his brother’s career path.

You can watch the trailer for Director by Night in the player below.

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The documentary also sheds light on how Giacchino achieved his retro-style vision for Werewolf by Night, placing emphasis on old-school creature design and practical effects over excessive CGI. And of course, we can probably expect to learn more about how he crafted the special’s score, which Mondo recently pressed on vinyl. You can order a copy of the soundtrack here.

Both Director by Night and Werewolf by Night are currently streaming on Disney+.

Are you excited to watch Giacchino’s new special this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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