The Dance of the Dragons Begins In House of the Dragon Episode 10 Trailer

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon episode 9! House of the Dragon Episode 10 trailer.

In the lore of Game of Thrones, the Dance of the Dragons is the legendary civil war between the Targaryens over control of the seven kingdoms. For the entire first season of House of the Dragon, the prequel series has been building towards this moment. Now that it’s arrived, the war is here and first blood is about to be spilled. HBO has released the House of the Dragon episode 10 trailer, which finally alerts Princess Rhaenyra and her husband, Daemon, about the death of King Viscerys.

While the trailer is longer than the typical HotD teaser, it’s still fairly light on details. Regardless, there is a glimpse of the first battle between two dragonriders on the show. And it will be far from the last. No matter who ends up on top, the realm will lose.

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Additionally, HBO has released an Inside the Episode video for House of the Dragon episode 9 that explores the different agendas of the Hightowers. Alicent actually wants to spare her former friend, Rhaenyra. And that sets off a chase between Alicent and her father, Otto, as they seek Aegon, the boy who would be king…even if he doesn’t want the job.

House of the Dragon episode 10 will premiere next Sunday, October 23 on HBO and HBO Max.

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