Tatiana Maslany Wants to Be ‘Surprised’ in She-Hulk Season 2

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law saved its biggest twist for the season finale. During the episode, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) broke the fourth wall, entered the Disney+ app, and confronted the show’s writers about the climax of the series. This sort of unpredictability in She-Hulk attracted Maslany to the role. Although unsure of what would happen in a second season, Maslany wants to be “surprised” and shared her thoughts about a potential season 2 with Screenrant.

“I don’t know…In the pilot I was like, I thought I knew before I opened the page what it was going to be, and it was so completely different,” said Maslany. “So, for me it’s really, that’s the spirit of She-Hulk, is that it’s not what you expect and that it takes things that you have come to predict as being the way things are going to go, and it totally flips them on their head. So, I just want to be surprised. I just want great writers on our show to interpret her as they’ve done so wonderfully this season.”

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Although season 2 is unconfirmed, She-Hulk will almost certainly return in some fashion. How might that happen? Because of Walters’ insecure and strong-willed personality, Maslany thinks it might be fun for She-Hulk to try something new and join forces with other characters.

“She’s stubborn. I don’t know how she’d work on a team,” said Maslany. “I don’t know how it would happen, but I’d love to see her try.”

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