Even Vecna Cracks up in the Stranger Things 4 Blooper Reel

He may be a dream demon from the Upside Down who was once a gifted psychokinetic human, but even Vecna has a sense of humor. Or rather, actor Jamie Campbell Bower, under a ton of latex, just has to laugh sometimes. He’s just one of many cast members caught cracking up on camera in the newly released Stranger Things 4 blooper reel.

Among other highlights, we get a montage of Joe Keery and Maya Hawke saying “boobies” over and over. A love scene gets interrupted. Gaten Matarazzo suggests they fire him for cracking up. Eduardo Franco has issues with his stoner-speak, maaaan. And Millie Bobby Brown gives a legitimate scream when pranked.

One thing we don’t get? Joseph Quinn’s natural English accent. Even when caught off guard, he keeps Eddie’s voice. Check out the blooper reel below:

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It might be a while before we hear any significant news about season 5. So in the meantime, enjoy the laughs from Season 4’s downtime.

Did you enjoy seeing all the cast members crack up?  Which unscripted moment was your favorite? Let us know in comments down below.

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