Stranger Things Creators Tease What Fans Can Expect in Season 5

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 4!

After much anticipation, Stranger Things 4’s last two episodes hit Netflix over the weekend. And while the ending is still fresh in our minds, fans are already looking ahead to Stranger Things 5. Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer are undoubtedly facing a lot of pressure to end the beloved series on a high note. But in a recent interview with Deadline, the brothers dropped hints about which long-standing mysteries will finally get resolved in season 5.

Season 4 notably ended with the series’ biggest cliffhanger yet. Although the residents of Hawkins (or at least the ones who didn’t skip town after the “earthquake”) tried to keep living their lives as normally as possible, the main characters knew this wasn’t an option. And once the familiar spores of the Upside Down began to appear in their home dimension, they could only watch in horror as their two worlds slowly merged into one. The fight ahead is sure to be a grueling one. But at least this time, everyone is back on the exact same battlefield.

“One, we’re excited that the gang is back together in a sense,” said Ross Duffer. “So, we’re excited to see some of our original groupings from that core group from season one get back together on this journey. We’re excited about just getting into the Upside Down and what is really going on there. We have some things we’re pretty excited about that and I think there are still a few big surprises we have up our sleeves that we purposely held out of this season that we’re excited to bring to people.”

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Matt went on to confirm that the final season’s opening scene and last 20 minutes are mostly figured out already. Plus, fans will learn more about Henry/Vecna’s history with Hawkins Lab and presumably discover the truth about Will Byers’ sexuality. The brothers have yet to work out some of the finer details like episode count and runtimes. Regardless, we can definitely expect Stranger Things 5 to break tradition in one important way. Namely, there won’t be an opening episode (or two) that shows the characters in happier times before they have to confront more transdimensional mayhem.

“I think that’s actually going to be one of the coolest thinks to us, as we work on season five,” added Matt. “We’ve usually had at least an episode two of regular life, how is high school, how is everyone’s love life? We can’t do any of that. So, what’s cool about five, I hope the opening scene stays what it is. I don’t want to reveal what it is, but it starts pedal to the metal and we don’t slow down. It’s less of a restart than we normally do. It’s weird. We ended up splitting the season, which was not originally a plan, but we did Volume One and Volume Two. Season five is more really like part two of season 4.”

All nine episodes of Stranger Things 4 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Which storylines are you hoping to revisit in the show’s final season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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