Harley Quinn’s New Showrunner Teases Her Direction For Season 4

Fans of Harley Quinn rejoiced last week when HBO Max ordered a fourth season of the beloved animated series. However, there’s at least one big change ahead. Original showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker are turning their full-time attention to the series’ upcoming spinoff, Noonan’s. In their place, Sarah Peters is taking over as Harley’s new head writer. It’s hard to speculate on the direction of the show’s future, especially with two episodes left in the current season. But while speaking with The AV Club, Peters dropped a few hints about what she has in mind for season 4.

Peters isn’t an outsider to Harley Quinn’s biting send-up of the DC Universe. She joined the show’s writing staff in season 2 and went on to write some of its most memorable episodes, the last of which was the season 3 premiere. Her work on the season 2 finale also landed her an Annie Award nomination last year for Outstanding Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production. In other words, she’s already demonstrated a knack for nailing the series’ tone, which means the characters are likely in good hands.

“The show’s tone is super specific, and I love the challenge of mixing emotionally grounded relationships, character-driven jokes, and then also, like, parademons and s**t,” said Peters. “Harley may be fighting Superman, but she’s thinking about an Instagram caption. That irony is my favorite place to draw stories and jokes from.”

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Aside from the winking satire, season 3 has put most of its focus on Harley’s blossoming romance with Poison Ivy. It sounds like this will remain the heart of the series with Peters in charge. But this doesn’t rule out any more fan service down the road. Plus, the usual helping of dark humor will be sticking around as well.

“My main goal as a writer on previous seasons has been to make Harley and Ivy’s relationship honest and relatable,” added Peters. “I believe when we run that kind of arc through high stakes stories and queef jokes, that’s when the show’s at its best. I hope to strike that balance with season four: bringing our amazing fans even more of what they love, as well as exploring new territory of what it means for these two badass superwomen, who see the world very differently, to move forward in their relationship.”

The penultimate episode of Harley Quinn‘s third season will premiere on HBO Max tomorrow, September 8.

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