Disney+ Orders a Reboot Series For Eragon

After 16 years, Christopher Paolini’s Eragon is getting a second chance in live-action. According to Variety, has ordered a reboot for the young adult fantasy novel. Paolini openly campaigned for the series to happen, and he will have a significant role as the co-showrunner, the co-writer, and an executive producer.

Eragon was the first book in Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle novels. The story follows Eragon, a farmboy who finds and protects a dragon egg. When the egg hatches a female dragon, Eragon names her Saphira and he starts on a path that leads him to become a Dragon Rider. Together, Eragon and Saphira also have to contend with King Galbatorix, the brutal ruler of Alagaësia who slaughtered the Dragon Riders years before.

Paolini self-published the first novel in 2002, but it was picked up and republished the following year. It was quickly embraced by readers and followed by three sequels: Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

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The 2006 movie adaptation cast Ed Speleers as Eragon, Rachel Weisz as Saphira’s voice, John Malkovich as Galbatorix, and Jeremy Irons as Eragon’s mentor, Brom. Regardless of the established performers, Stefen Fangmeier’s direction and Peter Buchman’s script were widely criticized. It made only $75 million domestically and none of the planned sequels went forward.

For now, Disney+ and 20th Century Television are looking for an established writer and executive producer to be the co-showrunner and co-writer with Paolini. That means the Eragon reboot could be as many as two to four years away from actually premiering. But it is happening, and Paolini essentially confirmed it below:

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