Zack Snyder Will Guest Star In Teen Titans Go!

Considering that this week began with a Rolling Stone report that laid out Warner Bros.’ conflict with Justice League helmer Zack Snyder, it seemed unlikely that the director would be doing anything for the studio in the near future. However, that’s apparently not the case. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder is slated to lend his voice and likeness to an upcoming episode of Teen Titans Go! later this year.

The news was announced at the Teen Titans Go! panel at Comic-Con. According to THR, Snyder will appear in an episode called “365!,” which as the name implies, is the 365th episode of the series. In a meta touch, the Titans will visit the Warner Bros. Studios lot to recruit Snyder as the director of the episode. Snyder confirmed the news himself in the following tweet.

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It was also announced at the panel that hip-hop group De La Soul will be making their second guest appearance on Teen Titans Go! as well. De La Soul previously appeared in the sixth season, when their music was taken from them by an alien thief.

Snyder’s guest appearance in Teen Titans Go! will air on Cartoon Network this fall.

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