Marvel Zombies Will Be Marvel’s First TV-MA Animated Series

Out of all of the animated series previewed at Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con animation panel, the one that got the least amount of time was Marvel Zombies. But there was some new information about the series revealed to the crowd. The biggest announcement was that it will be the first TV-MA Marvel animated series, which means depictions of zombies devouring human flesh won’t be held back by lesser ratings.

It was also specified that this show is not an adaption of Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillip’s Marvel Zombies comic. Instead, it takes place within the zombie-infested world first glimpsed in What If…? season 1. That alternate reality had already lost of most of its primary heroes by the end of the episode. Additionally, there was also a glimpse of a zombie Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet to worry about.

The first concept art for the new series featured returning zombies Captain America and Scarlet Witch alongside zombie-infected Captain Marvel, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Abomination, and Okoye.

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Since the heavy hitters are now hunting down humanity’s last survivors, it falls to a motley crew of characters to oppose them. Concept art was also shared of the show’s heroes, which include Yelena Belova, Kate Bishop, Red Guardian, Jimmy Woo, Death Dealer, Shang-Chi, and Kamala Khan. But if the series is anything like the episode that preceded it, some of these heroes will be zombie chow before all is said and done.

Amazing Spider-Man writer Zeb Wells is scripting and executive producing Marvel Zombies, which will be directed and executive produced by Bryan Andrews.

Marvel didn’t announce a premiere window at the convention. Regardless, a 2023 or 2024 premiere seems likely.

What do you want to see in the Marvel Zombies TV series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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