Marvel Studios Confirms Spider-Man: Freshman Year For 2024

Re-living freshman year of high school is a nightmare scenario for most of us. But in the case of Marvel Studios, it just might result in their next big hit. While showcasing new animated projects at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel shared an early look at Spider-Man: Freshman Year, which recounts Peter Parker’s earliest days as the friendly neighborhood webslinger. Unfortunately, the series’ premiere is further away than we hoped. The show isn’t hitting Disney+ until 2024, meaning it’s too far off for the producers to have brought any footage.

By the time we met Tom Holland’s version of Peter in Captain America: Civil War, it had only been six months since he first gained his powers. So naturally, many viewers were expecting Freshman Year to fill in some of those gaps, starting with the genetically-altered spider bite that changed him from a mild-mannered geek into New York’s latest superhero. But based on early character designs, the show might share a looser connection to its MCU forebears than we thought. Check out some highlights (courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes) below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming famously led us to believe that Vulture was Peter’s first real supervillain. Of course, Freshman Year wouldn’t have been a very compelling show if all he had to do was nab purse-snatchers or stop the occasional traffic accident. That’s why the creators chose to include several well-known adversaries like Doc Ock (which appears to ignore Alfred Molina’s appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home), Chameleon, Rhino, and Scorpion. Norman and Harry Osborn will have roles to play as well. But rather than becoming the Green Goblin, Norman will act as a mentor figure to Peter.

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In the lead-up to today’s panel, rumors began circulating that Holland isn’t coming back to voice the webhead-in-training. Surprisingly, the producers didn’t address his involvement. But here’s something else to look forward to—Daredevil star Charlie Cox will reprise his role as the Man Without Fear. He even gets a brand new costume (sans “DD” insignia) that might offer hints about his look in Marvel’s live-action Echo series. Other guest stars include Doctor Strange and Runaways mainstay Nico Minoru, the latter of whom will be introduced as Peter’s best friend (sorry, Ned). However, whether or not it’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Lyrica Okano providing their voices has yet to be announced.

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The presentation would have been a bust if Marvel didn’t release a first look at Peter’s costume. But thankfully, the studio delivered. The revamped design shows a few upgrades to the homemade outfit glimpsed in Civil War and Homecoming, with even more alternate suit designs cropping up throughout the first season. And yes, the series has already been renewed for season 2, which will be titled Spider-Man: Sophomore Year.

What do you think of these early designs for Spider-Man: Freshman Year? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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