Dan Slott and Mark Bagley Launch a New Spider-Man Ongoing Comic This Fall

Dan Slott and Mark Bagley Launch a New Spider-Man Comic

Peter Parker’s 60th year as Marvel’s top superhero just got a lot more exciting. Earlier this year, the House of Ideas announced plans to celebrate this milestone with a new Amazing Fantasy one-shot and yet another Spider-Verse sequel. But now, we can also look forward to a brand new ongoing series. Starting in October, writer Dan Slott and artist Mark Bagley will join forces on Spider-Man (no adjective necessary).

Spider-Man will follow August’s Edge of the Spider-Verse anthology series, which catches up with new and familiar spider-variants ahead of this year’s End of the Spider-Verse event. Slott and Bagley’s series will feature tie-ins to both of those books as well as Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s Amazing Spider-Man run. But more importantly, the new series also features the return of Morlun, who teams up with “one of the most powerful beings” that the Spider-Verse has ever known. Whatever their plans are, Peter finds an unlikely ally in Norman Osborn, who supplies him with new tech (even his own glider!) to battle his enemies.

“How does it feel to be writing Spider-Man again? Like I’m home,” said Slott in a statement. “Like there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. How does it feel to be working on it with Mark Bagley, one of the greatest Spidey icons of all-time?! Honored, excited, and unstoppable! Mark and I are two guys who live to tell Spider-Man stories. Cut us and we bleed Spider-Man. And now Marvel has entrusted the two of us to bring back their monthly– adjectiveless– Spider-Man title!

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Slott also promised that the upcoming series will take “big swings” in advance of the Spider-Verse saga’s final chapter. Fortunately, he couldn’t have picked a better creative partner than Bagley, who remains one of the best artists to ever bring the character to life.

“Dan and I have been wanting to work together for years, and having the opportunity to be the artist that is there to wrap up his Spider-verse storyline is really exciting,” added Bagley. “Further, I’m thrilled to see where this book takes us from there.”

Spider-Man #1 will hit comic shops on October 5.

Are you looking forward to reading the first issue this fall? Let us know in the comment section below!

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