Obi-Wan Kenobi Writer Says the Series Was Pitched As a Film Trilogy

Last week, Obi-Wan Kenobi wrapped up its six-episode run on Disney+. Although it was called a miniseries from the outset, Lucasfilm and Disney+ haven’t dismissed the possibility of a second season. And there is already a road map for where the story could go. While speaking with The Direct, Obi-Wan Kenobi writer Stuart Beattie revealed that the show was originally pitched as a film trilogy. And according to Beattie, the second story would have built towards Obi-Wan’s eventual demise in the original Star Wars.

“When I pitched my Obi-Wan story to Lucasfilm, I said, ‘There’s actually three stories here. Because there’s three different evolutions that the character has to make in order to go from Obi-Wan to Ben,’” related Beattie. “And the first one was the first movie, which was the show, which was, ‘Surrender to the will of the Force. Transport your will, surrender your will. Leave the kid alone.’ So then, the second [movie] was thinking about where Kenobi ends up. And one of the most powerful and probably the most powerful moment in all of Obi-Wan’s story is that moment where he sacrifices himself in A New Hope.”

“Great moment, you know, makes you cry,” continued Beattie. “But, if you stop and think about it, it’s a pretty sudden thing, to just kind of go be fighting a guy, to see Luke and go, ‘I’m gonna die.’ You know, that to me, that required forethought. That required pre-acceptance that this was going to happen.”

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Beattie also revealed that Obi-Wan coming to terms with his mortality was a major part of the second story.

“That was the second step of the evolution for me, that Obi-Wan now has to come to terms with his own mortality, somehow in a prophecy, or Qui-Gon telling him, ‘There’s going to come a moment where you’re gonna have to sacrifice yourself for the good,’” noted Beattie. “And then [Obi-Wan] is like, ‘What? No, no, no, no, I’m here to help… I can’t, no.’ And get him to that point where Obi Wan has accepted the idea that he’s going to die, and that he’s going to die willingly at a crucial moment, and you will know when that moment presents itself.”

“So that when that moment comes up in [A New Hope], you understand,” added Beattie. “He’s recognizing he’s been on this journey already, and he’s waiting for this moment, and that’s how he’s able to make it so easily. To do this [sacrifice], and die. So that to me was the second evolution, the second film, the second story. For me, if I have anything to do with the second season of Obi Wan, that’s the character evolution that I would take him on. That, to me, is really interesting.”

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