Thomas Astruc Will Direct the New Astro Boy TV Series

Astro Boy is coming back to the small screen in a brand new series from Method Animation and Shubuya Productions. Now, the studios have enlisted a capable filmmaker to help make the project a reality. Variety brings word that Thomas Astruc has come aboard the upcoming Astro Boy TV series as a director.

The character of Astro Boy has appeared in dozens of iterations since his first appearance in 1951. Originally introduced in his own manga series by Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy began dominating the airwaves in 1963 when his first anime cartoon debuted in Japan. The show later became a big hit in the United States as well. Two other anime series featuring the character have aired since then. A full-length Astro Boy film starring the voices of Freddie Highmore and Nicolas Cage also hit theaters in 2009.

Method and Shibuya’s Astro Boy series will be produced using CGI animation and will also consist of 52 half-hour episodes. According to Method’s founder and president, Aton Soumache, Astruc will bring a “fresh and unique take” to the original property. The studios have also indicated that the reboot will address contemporary issues like social media and environmental themes.

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“Tezuka’s original comics were far advanced in delivering a powerful message to readers worldwide,” said Method and Shibuya in a joint statement. “These fantastic stories of the little boy who flies are all about strong values that still resonate today for a global audience.”

Astruc is best known for creating the French animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, which debuted in 2015. In his own statement, he acknowledged the role that Astro Boy has played in shaping the modern-day anime and manga landscapes. He even suggested that these mediums wouldn’t exist as they do today if not for Tezuka’s work.

Astro Boy is a cult series that has overseen the future like no other property,” sad Astruc. “In the strange world we live in today, everybody needs Astro Boy to come back!”

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