The Boys’ Soldier Boy Gets Profane in Anti-Drug PSA Outtakes

Let’s face it — in the world of The Boys, superheroes seem quite the hypocrites lecturing against drug use, when their powers all come from Compound V. So when an anti-drug PSA featuring Soldier Boy dropped on Memorial Day, it seemed like that was the joke. Not so fast. Today, the supposed hero’s outtakes hit the Internet, and, well, he’s not exactly a boy scout with the language.

But first, here’s the original PSA, in case you missed it:

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And now, here’s the extremely NSFW outtake reel:

Soldier Boy may be no Steve Rogers, but he is the Vought version of Captain America. A patriotic superhero — at least, as far as most of the world knows — he’s been missing, presumed dead since the ’80s. But like Cap in the Marvel universe, his demise isn’t what it seems. And the mystery surrounding him figures heavily into the plot of The Boys season 3.

Jensen Ackles portrays Soldier Boy in the series. The Boys season 3 begins on Prime Video starting June 3.

What do you think of Soldier Boy’s foul mouth? Would Nick Fury approve, or be impressed? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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