Dustin Rolls the Dice in the Final Stranger Things 4 Trailer

Honestly, at this point, if you know you’re going to watch Stranger Things 4 this weekend, you might not want to see even more footage right now. Or maybe, like Dustin, you’re willing to roll the dice…on potential spoilers. But per the familiar quote he cites before doing so…why dwell on the odds? And besides, it’s not like anyone who knows anything about this show couldn’t predict a return to the Upside Down. Or Hopper kicking butt in Russia. But this final Stranger Things 4 trailer also seems to showcase a new, much redder section of the alternate dimension under Hawkins. And then there’s the new big bad, Vecna…

Watch if you dare…

Confused by where the story’s at? Over the weekend, the cast broke down the past three seasons in a  recap video. But as usual, it breaks down to this: our heroes may have scattered to the four winds, but evil’s going to target Hawkins, Indiana again. And when that happens, the gang’s going to need to all come together.

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The trailer lays on the retro charms too, with a trip to the roller disco and an especially tense looking game of Dungeons and Dragons. Here’s hoping for even half the nostalgia feels of season 3’s mall battles. We’ll find out this Friday on Netflix.

What do you think of the final Stranger Things 4 trailer? Let us know in comments.

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