Stranger Things Cast Recaps the Last Three Seasons in 8 Minutes

Confused about which creature was the Mind Flayer versus the Demogorgon? Unsure what the deal was about who was possessed when? Remember why Eleven’s in California now, or how Hopper might have wound up in Soviet Russia, where flayers mind you? This new video of the Stranger Things cast recapping all the broad story strokes is for you. Sure, folks with all the time in the world can go watch all those older episodes again. Others with more on their plate can enjoy this more concise telling. And admire Lucas’ new headed-for-the-’90s hairdo.

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There. Now you’re all set to learn what a Vecna is, what’s up with the Creel House, and how it all ties in to the original experiments with Eleven. Will any of the new settings be as awesome with the nostalgia feels as the mall, though? Or the video arcade? What awesome throwback business would dare open up in Hawkins without a ton of interdimensional monster insurance? Maybe a sit-down Pizza Hut, at least.

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1 premieres May 27th, only on Netflix, with seven episodes. The last two episodes drop July 2.

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