Watch the First Eight Minutes of Stranger Things 4

Who’s ready to go back to the Upside Down? Although the young cast of Stranger Things is getting close to college age, there are still two more seasons to come of Netflix’s breakout hit. And since Stranger Things 4 is only a week away, Netflix has dropped the first eight minutes of season 4. There’s only one familiar face in this video, but the setting itself is someplace we’ve seen before: Hawkins Laboratory.

And since the featured image in the video gives it away, we’ll just tell you that the preview features the return of Matthew Modine as Dr. Martin Brenner. Don’t worry, he’s still quite dead by the present of Stranger Things 4. However, this sequence takes place several years earlier. And it turns out that Eleven wasn’t the only subject that gave Brenner serious problems.

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Perhaps the most striking thing about that scene is that Brenner really seems to have cared about the kids he was experimenting on. He cradles Ten’s body and openly weeps for him. Additionally, Brenner seems to know exactly which one of his subjects caused the carnage. Is this the kid who is going to grow up and become this season’s main villain? We’re only seven days away from the answers.

Stranger Things 4 is being released in two parts. Part 1 will premiere on Netflix next Friday, May 27. The remaining two feature-length episodes of the season will premiere on July 1.

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