Halo Season Finale Promo Teases Game-Style Battle

One of the biggest frustrations of the Halo series thus far has been its focus on creating a new storyline, and relative lack of the action that makes up the bulk of the games. When every single enemy alien inhabits a non-human body, the effects budget balloons quickly. Only twice so far has the show done Spartans versus Covenant fights right: in the first episode, and the fifth. Judging by the new promo for episode 9, the season finale, it’s going to get it right too. So that’ll make a rate of one game-style battle every three episodes, which maybe isn’t too bad.

Take a look below:

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Paramount+ already renewed Halo for a second season, so the likelihood of a cliffhanger ending feels strong. It looks like this episode may draw inspiration from a Halo 3 level. And after the events of episode 8, it seems that Cortana and Master Chief finally became the allies they should be. They’ll need each other for this one. Makee’s allegiance, however, stays in question. With her hatred of humanity mostly reaffirmed, she nonetheless retains feelings for John. She also seems rightfully suspicious of both sides’ intentions regarding the Halo. Yet we see her joining the artifacts.

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