Halo Featurette Shows Cast Getting Put Through Spartan Boot Camp

If the Spartans on Paramount+‘s Halo seem to work well together, that’s no accident. Within the course of a week, they had to develop a chemistry that looked like they’d been together since aged 9. And nothing bonds a group quite like being put through the paces by a military adviser. Like most actors who do this kind of stuff for a role, rather than because they have to in the real military, they seem to have enjoyed it. Welcome to Spartan boot camp.

Take a look at the team in training, in the player below:

Star Pablo Schreiber previously shared footage from his own personal workouts, mandated above and beyond the military training. Somehow we suspect that in a future role, he won’t look quite so jacked. On the plus side for the actors, those Spartan armor suits probably weigh a lot less than actual military gear. And they don’t have to cut microchips out of their lower backs.

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Even things as simple as walking in unison and settling after approaching a superior take practice. But don’t try any of this at home. It requires a trained individual yelling swear words to do properly. And expertise, of course.

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