Star Trek: Picard Props Featurette Reveals Hidden References

In its second season, Star Trek: Picard has layered in plenty of obvious callbacks, from Q to Guinan and yet another previously unmentioned member of the Soong family who lo0oks just like Brent Spiner. But it turns out there are many other references so small that a casual viewing might not reveal them. In some cases, even freeze-framing wouldn’t. But a new Picard props featurette, hosted by property master Jeffrey Lombardi, shows off some hidden items that reference the whole history of Star Trek.

Most notably, Seven of Nine’s belt includes a piece of the same tubing that made up Uhura’s earpiece on the original show. For budgetary reasons, some of the phasers are basic redeco/repaints. But perhaps most notable of all is the weapon on Picard’s alternate timeline wall that explicitly comes from J.J. Abrams’ Kelvin timeline. It may be best not to impart too much narrative meaning into that, except maybe that alternate timelines, like prop masters, tend to remix from all the available options.

Check it out in the video below:

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Nu-Trek may also do for Star Trek: Nemesis what Avengers Endgame did for Thor: The Dark World. While not an especially popular sequel, Nemesis may have more direct impact on Picard than any other. Season 1 directly continued the storyline of Data and B-4, and now season 2 has a hidden callback to the Remans. Trek consistently accepts that even its lesser installments all count as canon.

What did you think of the prop Easter eggs? Let us know in comments!

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