Harrow Gives Steven a Tour in a New Clip From Moon Knight

Steven Grant spent the bulk of Moon Knight’s series premiere trying to get away from Arthur Harrow and his goons. But it looks like the two are going to be on friendlier terms when the second episode drops at midnight. Via IGN, Marvel has shared a new clip featuring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke’s characters looking a little too close for comfort. You can check it out for yourself below. Harrow gives Steven.

Charisma is a hallmark of any dangerous cult leader, and it looks like Harrow is no exception. Because despite everything Steven witnessed in last week’s episode, he willingly walks alongside the silver-haired “messiah” and gets a tour of his neighborhood. Harrow explains in a chillingly calm voice that the area used to be a hotbed for crime and suffering. But once he came along, the situation suddenly improved. People no longer bother to lock their doors at night, and everyone makes a point to learn at least three different languages.

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By now, Harrow seems to have learned all about Steven’s struggles with DID, and might even be trying to use them to his own advantage. On the surface, his neighborhood looks like an idyllic portrait of small-town living. But since we already know that Harrow is a villain who can summon vicious hellbeasts at a moment’s notice, there has to be more than meets the eye. One person who appears to have figured this out is the moon god Khonshu, who observes Steven and Harrow from a nearby rooftop.

The second episode of Moon Knight will premiere on Disney+  at midnight on April 6.

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