Showtime Releases First 5 Minutes of The Man Who Fell to Earth

Following a premiere showing at SXSW, Showtime posted the introductory 5 minutes of The Man Who Fell to Earth online. In the reimagining of Walter Tevis’ novel, and sequel to the 1976 Nicholas Roeg film, a new alien falls to Earth. He has arrived at a crucial point in human evolution, with the ability to decide the future of mankind. But first, he has to confront his own past, with some help from the original alien, Thomas Jerome Newton, now played by Bill Nighy. In the original film and book, Newton comes to Earth from a drought planet in hopes of saving his people, but succumbs to Earthly temptations like sex and alcohol.

In the first five minutes of the new series, we see Chiwetel Ejiofor‘s new alien giving what seems like a TED talk admitting he’s an alien. The audience, however, might well be thinking he’s speaking metaphorically. Meanwhile, in flashback, scenes of his initial Earthfall show his transformation from alien form to human. Unlike Newton, he may not need contacts this time. Check it out below:

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We’ll have to wait till April 24 to see what happens next. Naomie Harris, Jimmi Simpson, Clarke Peters, Rob Delaney, Sonya Cassidy, and Joana Ribeiro also costar.

What do you think so far? Let us know in comments.

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