Blood of Zeus Producers Developing Gladiatrix Project for TV/Comics

Fans of Greek mythology and history tend to be aficionados of ancient Rome as well, so the newest announced project from Charley and Vlas Parlapanides feels like a logical step. The producers of Netflix’s animated Blood of Zeus will develop a female gladiator project, Gladiatrix, for TV and comics. Though the brothers came to fame as writers of the Henry Cavill Theseus movie Immortals and Netflix’s Death Note, they’ll delegate that task this time. Per Deadline, they’ve recruited Dan Gordon and John Stanisci to develop the story. Gordon recently earned a story credit on Rambo: Last Blood, while Stanisci is a comics artist and writer with art credits on Spider-Man, Batman, Constantine and more.

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Presumably Gordon will work on the TV end and Stanisci the comics. According to Deadline, “Gladiatrix follows Judith, the bastard daughter of a queen raised as a Sicaria assassin, and he last survivor of a massacred people. Shackled and taken to Rome as a slave, she is thrown into the Gladiator arena for sport, but she has come to the city on a mission of vengeance. But before she exacts revenge for her slain people, she will give the Roman crowd a bloodsport the likes of which they have never known…and rise to power like no woman of her time ever had.”

It’s unclear whether the TV series will take the live-action or animated route. The costume shown in their publicity image above seems better suited to illustration than practicality, however.

Is the time right for a new female gladiator project? Tell us your thoughts in comments.

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