Hawkeye Animator Reveals the Show’s Original Post-Credits Scene

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead for Hawkeye episode 6!

The final episode of Hawkeye broke with Marvel tradition by not including a mid-credits or post-credits scene that set up a future show or movie. Instead, viewers were gifted with a full-length rendition of “Save the City” from Rogers: The Musical, an in-universe Broadway show. However, that wasn’t the original plan. Via Deadline, Elaina Scott, an animator on the Hawkeye series, indicated that the post-credits scene would have revisited the fate of some unfortunate members of the Tracksuit Mafia.

In the finale, Clint Barton briefly encountered an owl in the giant Christmas tree. Shortly thereafter, a Pym particles trick arrow was used to shrink a charging van with a few of the Tracksuit bros still inside. Before Kate Bishop or Clint could decide what to do with them, an owl flew off with the van. According to Scott, the post-credits scene revealed their fate.

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Scott also posted a follow-up message to confirm she meant “boys,” not “bris.”

There have been rumors of another mid-credits or post-credits scene that resolved the Kingpin’s fate. However, those reports are unconfirmed at this time.

All six episodes of Hawkeye are available to stream on Disney+.

Which scene would you have wanted in Hawkeye‘s post-credits slot? Let us know in the comments down below!

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