Netflix’s Live-Action Avatar Remake Casts Azula, Suki, and More

The women of Avatar: The Last Airbender are officially on their way to Netflix. Earlier today, the streamer announced that five new actresses have joined the live-action remake as pivotal characters from the original anime series.

Leading this new crop of stars is Elizabeth Yu, who has come aboard the series as Azula. In the anime, Azula was “the intensely driven princess of the Fire Nation” and one of the show’s primary villains. Like her brother, Prince Zuko, Azula also seeks to capture Aang to guarantee Fire Nation’s victory in the war against the other nations. However, she is also very competitive and will “stop at nothing to secure her position as the heir to the throne.”

Meanwhile, Maria Zhang has also joined the cast as Suki, the leader of Earth Kingdom’s Kyoshi Warriors. Suki began her training in early childhood and went on to become one of her island’s fiercest defenders. She later became an ally to Aang and his companions after they arrived in her village. According to her description, Suki is “an elite female fighting force dedicated to protecting their community and upholding the ideals of their namesake, Avatar Kyoshi.”

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Tamlyn Tomita is playing Suki’s mother, Yukari, who never appeared in the original series. Regardless, the live-action update will introduce her as “the fiercely protective mayor of her small village on Kyoshi Island.” Viewers will also travel back in time to meet Avatar Kyoshi herself, played by Yvonne Chapman (pictured above). As old-school Avatar fans know, Kyoshi is “a legendary warrior revered for her bravery, fearsome fighting skills, and uncompromising dedication to the cause of justice.”

Finally, Casey Camp-Horinek will appear on the series as Kanna, better known as Katara and Sokka’s Gran Gran. Though a nonbender herself, Kanna is the “wise matriarch” of the Southern Water Tribe. She was initially skeptical of Aang’s destiny to become the Avatar. But over time, he began to give her hope for the future.

Netflix still hasn’t announced a release date for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

What do you think of these latest additions to the series’ cast? Let us know in the comment section below!

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