Pablo Schreiber Describes the Challenges of Playing Halo’s Master Chief

Playing an action hero never sounds easy. But an even greater challenge awaits any actor playing a character whom most viewers have, in a way, “played” themselves. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Halo game has been the Master Chief, so Pablo Schreiber has a lot to live up to in Paramount+’s new series. But in speaking to EW, he revealed that the hardest part might be one that the fans wouldn’t guess offhand. He had to leave his dog in Hungary during the COVID shutdowns.

“”We were just gonna stop for two weeks and come back immediately,” he said. “Luckily she had an amazing dog-sitter, but she was there for seven months. She [got] about 10 pounds heavier.”

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Lest skeptical gamers think that was the only challenge, though, the American Gods and The Wire alumnus assures everyone that he took on many more. “It’s a huge job, from setting the tone on set down to the grueling task of waking up at the crack of dawn to work out, then go to shoot, and go home to work out some more,” he says. “Nothing about it is easy, and I wouldn’t want it to be.”

EW also has a brand-new image of the actor in his costume, which looks like an absolutely faithful reproduction of the game armor.

What do you expect from Schreiber in the role? Let us know in comments.

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