New Hawkeye Featurette Spotlights Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez

It’s rare for a newcomer to make their debut and then line up their own spinoff series shortly thereafter. But that’s been the career trajectory for Alaqua Cox on Hawkeye. She was cast as Maya Lopez for her first-ever professional acting gig, and she is also slated to headline the upcoming Echo series on Disney+. While a lot of speculation about Maya’s MCU future as Echo centers on her “uncle,” she still has a large role to play in the remaining episodes of this series. Now, a new Hawkeye featurette is putting the spotlight on Maya. Alaqua Cox’s Maya.

In the video below, Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner, producer Trinh Tran, and director Katie Ellwood (a.k.a. Bertie) sing the praises of Cox. Additionally, Cox shares the story of how she was told to audition for the role.

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There have been a few changes to Maya’s backstory for the live-action MCU. For one thing, it’s unclear if Maya has the same gift of physical mimicry as her comic book counterpart. And comic book Maya never had any connection to the Tracksuit Mafia. However, Maya doesn’t blame the death of her father on Daredevil as she initially did in the comics. Instead, Ronin murdered Maya’s father years before. But it’s also unknown if the Ronin that killed Maya’s father was actually Clint, or if  her “uncle” sent an imposter to do his dirty work.

Hawkeye episode 4 will premiere at midnight, December 7, on Disney+. The Echo spinoff series will likely begin shooting next year.

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