Hawkeye’s ‘Save the City’ From Rogers: The Musical is Now Streaming

Last night, Clint Barton took his kids to the theater to catch a production of Rogers: The Musical. And while a full-length Broadway show based on the life of Captain America may not exist in the real world, Marvel fans can now sample one little piece of it. On the heels of today’s Hawkeye premiere on Disney+, the studio has released “Save the City” on all major streaming services. You can also listen to it on YouTube below.

“Save the City” recalls the events of The Battle of New York as they unfolded in The Avengers. Above all else, the song is a rallying cry for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, complete with Steve Rogers usual refrain of “I can do this all day.” It also serves as a love letter to New York City, which certainly has its flaws (“It may smell, but we like that stink!”). But as listeners are quickly reminded, the Big Apple always manages to rise above a challenge (“We lived through the ‘80s and this too shall pass!”).

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The song also runs down the list of original Avengers and highlights their superpowers in a way that brings to mind the Fantastic Four cartoon theme from the mid-’90s. Unfortunately, the performers don’t put much respect on Clint’s name, with the line “Hawkeye seems cool, like a really nice guy” memorably getting an eye roll from the title character as he looked on from the audience.

Additionally, Marvel has confirmed that Christophe Beck and Michael Paraskevas’ score for Hawkeye‘s first three episodes will be released on December 10. Beck’s score for the final three episodes of the season will follow on December 24.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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