Disney+’s Willow Featurette Introduces the New Series’ Cast

Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t the only new project that Lucasfilm teased during today’s Disney+ Day presentation. Although it isn’t Star Wars-related, the upcoming Willow series will bring fans back to the world of the 1988 fantasy film with original star, Warwick Davis, coming back. And to keep the hype machine going, Disney released a featurette that shows Davis introducing the series’ new cast members. You can check out the Willow featurette for yourself below.

The video finds Davis hamming it up with his new co-stars, most of whom are too young to have seen the original Willow in theaters when it premiered over 30 years ago. In fact, Amar Chada-Patel seems shocked to learn that there was a movie in the first place. And when he finds out Ron Howard was involved, he asks if Howard is narrating the new series just like he did with Arrested Development. Sadly, it looks like Howard is sticking to his role as executive producer.

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Luckily, the original movie has at least one fan in Tony Revolori, who also has a role in the series. He tells Davis that he grew up watching the film with his dad. However, when he reveals that it’s his “second favorite fantasy adventure” behind Lord of the Rings, he immediately gets on Davis’ bad side. Davis also speaks with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Erin Kellyman. But even though they appeared together in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Davis doesn’t seem to remember her.

Willow will premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

Are you looking forward to meeting the new cast when the series launches next year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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