Lucky the Pizza Dog Graces the Latest Hawkeye Poster

Clint Barton may call him Lucky, but in his head, the archer’s canine companion calls himself Pizza Dog. Because he likes pizza. All our names should be so logical. Though perhaps if he knew how many dogs don’t get pizza, he’d see the logic in Lucky. At any rate, the dog dons a Santa hat for Marvel’s brand new Hawkeye poster revealed today. It may be a blatant play for the Christmas TV movie crowd, but if it works, go with it.

In comics, Lucky used to bear the name “Arrow, ” and belong to tracksuit-wearing mobster Ivan Banionis. Beaten up by Ivan’s men after helping Hawkeye, he became a faithful companion to Clint and Kate Bishop, the latter of whom he stayed with in the end. Currently, no actor is officially announced as Banionis, a.k.a. “Tracksuit Dracula.”

Check out the full poster below:

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Disney’s official synopsis of the series reads:

“Marvel Studios’ “Hawkeye” is an original new series set in post-blip New York City where former Avenger Clint Barton aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) has a seemingly simple mission: get back to his family for Christmas. But when a threat from his past shows up, Hawkeye reluctantly teams up with Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a 22-year-old skilled archer and his biggest fan, to unravel a criminal conspiracy. The series also features Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez.”

Marvel’s Hawkeye series will debut its first two episodes on Disney+ on November 24.

How do you like the casting of Pizza Dog? Let us know in the comment section below!

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