Batwoman Season 3 Features a New Origin Story for Killer Croc

The second season finale of Batwoman saw the titular heroine messing up badly with Batman’s villain trophies. Ryan lost some precious memorabilia collected by Bruce Wayne over the years, including Killer Croc’s infectious tooth. Now, the show has debuted its third run, and it’s introducing a new version of the crocodile-like human. While the original Killer Croc was the alter-ego of Waylon Jones, in this new story, a teenager named Stephen bumps into the tooth and transforms into the scaly villain, piling up a few bodies along the way. And it sounds like actress Javicia Leslie — who portrays Gotham’s Scarlet Knight — had a lot of fun while shooting the scenes with Killer Croc.

“They hired an actor who was huge in real life,” said Leslie while talking with EW (which has an exclusive image). “He’s like a really big guy, so we didn’t have to fake anything with special effects. So, the stunts were fun and he was creepy. Special effects did such a good job with his makeup and mask. So, he was really scary-looking. It felt like one of those nostalgic episodes that is like Batman meets Stranger Things.” The article does not name the actor.

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Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries teased that the next episode will likely involve family relationships. In particular, it seems that Stephen’s father won’t accept that his son turned into a monster.

“In this Killer Croc episode, in particular, it’s really this story about a dad who doesn’t want to give up on his son,” added Dries. “And in Ryan’s story, she’s going through learning that her birth mom gave up on her in the blink of an eye and it’s kind of [about] her reconciling that with where she stands as Gotham’s savior.”

The next episode of Batwoman will air on The CW on October 20.

What do you expect from the new adaptation of Killer Croc? Let us know in the comments section below.

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