Batwoman Showrunner on Ryan’s Role in Season 3, Teases Tonal Shift

In a matter of hours, Batwoman will start its third run on The CW. Previously, the sophomore season ended after the titular heroine lost some of Batman’s precious villain trophies. Now, not only does she have to retrieve them all after they got scattered across Gotham City, but she will also have a lot on her plate during the mission. Many new faces are going to appear, and not all of them have good intentions. The only thing that’s sure is that Ryan Wilder will wear the cape and cowl in season 3, as Kate Kane doesn’t seem to be in town anymore.

“Season 3 is definitely a continuation of season 2, but Ryan is now firmly planted as Batwoman,” showrunner Caroline Dries said while talking with EW. “She’s confident, she knows her role, [and] her biggest problem now is, ‘I have to clean up this mess I made at the end of season 2.'”

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Losing Bruce Wayne’s trophies might be a blessing in disguise for the titular heroine. Now, she has the chance to step out of her cousin’s shadow, make a name for herself, and perhaps even create her own collection of villains’ memorabilia.

“The tonal vibe that we leaned to is more of a horror, action-thriller tone. That plays out in almost every episode,” Dries added. “On The Flash, they have metahumans that can do all of these crazy things, so that makes them really challenging villains for the Flash and his team to go up against. With our show, she’s going up against human beings. So how do you still make them feel formidable? How do you still get the scares and the tension? And so it almost ends up leaning itself towards more of a thriller.”

The Batwoman season 3 premiere will air on The CW today at 9 p.m. ET.

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