Nyxly Goes After Another Totem in Supergirl Episode 6.15 Promo

Only six episodes remain until Supergirl‘s grand finale. Before that can happen, Kara and her Super Friends have to stop before Nyxly she can put together all of the totems and gain infinite power.

The CW has dropped a new promo for Supergirl season 6 episode 15. It appears that Nyxly is paying a visit to Kara Danvers at the CatCo Worldwide Media headquarters. Kara retrieved the Humanity Totem after Nyxly let it go in episode 14. But now, it seems like Nyxly has totally suppressed her feelings and is ready to give Supergirl a taste of her own medicine. That’s why she kidnaps Kara’s love interest, William.

You can watch the Supergirl episode 6.15 promo in the gallery below.

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Tawnia McKiernan directed the episode from a story by Robert Rovner and a teleplay by Emilio Ortega Aldrich and Nicki Holcomb. Here’s the official synopsis:

“NYXLY KIDNAPS WILLIAM – Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) continues to fight Nyxly (Peta Sergeant) for the remaining totems but after Nyxly kidnaps William (Staz Nair), Supergirl realizes she needs to take a more proactive stance to keep National City safe. Meanwhile, Alex (Chyler Leigh) faces the biggest challenge of her life.”

The next episode of Supergirl will air on The CW on October 12.

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