Netflix Confirms a 2022 Premiere For The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Unfortunately, last week’s Tudum event didn’t reveal any news about The Umbrella Academy’s highly-anticipated third season. The cast and crew just finished shooting the new episodes a little over a month ago. Regardless, it’s probably going to be a while before we see any footage. But that isn’t stopping Netflix from hyping up the show’s return with a viral video that teases the Hargreeves clan’s strange new reality.

At the end of the show’s last season, the characters returned from 1963 only to find that their actions in the past had somehow drastically altered the present. Not only is their long-dead brother, Ben, alive and well, he also leads a new team of heroes known as The Sparrow Academy. We still don’t have an exact premiere date for the new season. However, Netflix just added a brief animated teaser video to The Umbrella Academy’s page on their website, which confirms the series’ 2022 return. The teaser also notably features a concierge bell, further hinting that the show will be visiting the Hotel Oblivion.

The gang’s timeline tampering has also begun affecting The Umbrella Academy’s social media footprint. The series’ official Instagram page has been scrubbed and replaced with several posts that feature the same message: “There’s been a snag in the timeline – these posts are temporarily unavailable.” There’s also a new video message from Ben (Justin H. Min) to commemorate today’s special occasion: the birth of the Sparrow Academy. Check it out for yourself below.

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Additionally, the Sparrow Academy now has its own official Twitter account. It hasn’t been up for long. But so far, the page has already re-tweeted a few birthday messages to the Sparrows.

What do you make of the show’s latest social media activity? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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