Akiva Goldsman Says He Planned for Three Seasons of Picard, Talks Q

Star Trek: Picard was arguably one of the nicest surprises in 2020. The series brought Patrick Stewart back to his Star Trek role as the former captain of the USS Enterprise. Thankfully for fans, CBS All Access announced that the show is returning for seasons 2 and 3. Some familiar faces from the franchise are about to pop up again, including John de Lancie’s Q, and fans should expect to see a different side of him. That is especially true for Q, as de Lancie revealed a few weeks ago. Following up on that, Picard screenwriter Akiva Goldsman recently stated that the time since The Next Generation would matter in the character’s development.

“I do see Q as different,” he said, while talking with TrekMovie. “What we wanted to expose Q to—which by the way, was a little more complex than it was for the other characters—is time passed. We wanted to allow for the time between Next Gen and Picard season one. That was really important to us. We wanted those interstitial years to matter. Now Q doesn’t operate by the same rules when it comes to time and space, so we had to find a way of creating a unique piece of movement within Q in order to give him a reason to be in a show that is about destiny, capability at the end of life, opportunities to learn things we haven’t yet.”

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Goldsman also stressed that Q is a season 2 story, implying that the omnipotent trickster may be done by season 3. When asked about it, he explained that he planned to do three seasons since the beginning, but he didn’t necessarily count on Picard‘s renewal. He added that there should be “as many seasons as Patrick Stewart wants to do.”

“Well, the hope was to do three, but nobody greenlights three seasons of television, it turns out. So the plan was always three. The hope was always three. The trigger was for one, and then the plan remains three.”

Star Trek: Picard season 2 will premiere on Paramount+ in February 2022.

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