New What If…? Character Posters Introduce the Marvel Zombies

As demonstrated by last week’s episode of What If…?, the newest Marvel Studios series can go dark. And it’s about to go even darker. Disney+ has debuted two new What If…? character posters that herald the arrival of the Marvel Zombies.

The first poster features Zombie Captain America. Or Zombie Cap, for short. In the Marvel Zombies continuity, Steve Rogers was actually Colonel America, not Captain America. However, he was still essentially the same person.

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Additionally, Disney+ released a poster for Zombie Hawkeye as well. And he certainly looks like he went through a lot before he died.

The important thing that you have to know about the Marvel Zombies is that they aren’t the mindless walkers of The Walking Dead. Regardless of their fate, their minds and personalities are still relatively intact. When they aren’t driven by their hunger for flesh, they can still feel remorse for their actions. However, those moments of reflection rarely stop them from feeding again. Instead, most of them tend to embrace their new incarnations.

The fifth episode of What If…? premieres on Wednesday, September 8 on Disney+.

What do you think about the new What If…? character poster? Let us know in the comment section below!

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