Star Trek: Lower Decks Stars Say Season 2 Goes to Insane Places

In a matter of days, the USS Cerritos crew will return with new misadventures as Star Trek: Lower Decks will debut its sophomore season. And it appears that fans should expect much more craziness than in season 1. At least, that’s what actors Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid teased while promoting the show’s imminent release (via TrekMovie). According to Newsome, who voices Beckett Mariner, this season will be sure of its sense of humor as “there’s zero apologies for it. Zero Fs given.” Quaid, returning as Bradward Boimler, backed her up, saying that fans already know the setup, so the crew only has to “take you to insane places.”

Then Newsome opened about what’s next for her character in season 2.

“Obviously, we know at the end of season one she’s now working with Captain Freeman. And it’s not great for either of them. I can tell you that they don’t love it. So not having the anonymity and not having her little secret of being the captain’s daughter puts all of her stuff on blast. She has to do all of her sneaky little side missions in full view of the rest of the crew and the captain. So that’s rough.”

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Fans already know that Quaid’s Ensign Boimler left his friends in favor of his dream gig right before the end of season 1. But it appears that his life on the USS Titan might be slightly different than imagined.

“He’s still on the Titan,” the actor said. “The Titan is a really important ship, whereas the Cerritos isn’t as much to Starfleet. So the Titan is going on high-stakes missions. We’re fighting the Pakleds and Boimler is a little bit out of his depth this season. He’s book-smart, but he’s just not really that great at thinking on his feet, and that’s something he has to do a lot on the Titan. So there’s a little bit of ‘be careful what you wish for’ happening.”

Star Trek: Lower Decks season 2 will debut on Paramount+ on Thursday, Aug. 12.

What do you expect from the upcoming Star Trek: Lower Decks season 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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