One Thing Changes Everything In Marvel’s New What If…? Promo

The films and TV shows of the MCU have given casual fans a taste of the world that comic book readers have experienced for decades. However, the upcoming What If…? animated series is going to kick things up a notch. Through the course of ten episodes, Uatu/The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) will show viewers alternate realities and timelines. These are the worlds where one thing changes everything. For example, in one reality, Peggy Carter got the super soldier serum, not Steve Rogers.  And thus, Captain Carter was born.

Marvel Studios has released a new promo for What If…? that shows off some new footage. This includes a glimpse of the world where Killmonger saved Tony Stark from the Ten Rings terrorists. And in that story, Tony may never become Iron Man.

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There have also been a few hints in the previous trailers that some of these alternate worlds may collide. We may even see a different lineup for the Avengers, with some unexpected heroes in place of the original team.

What If…? will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, August 11. New episodes will follow every Wednesday thereafter until the end of the season.

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