Dan Trachtenberg is Attached To Direct a Waterworld TV Series

It looks like Predator isn’t the only throwback sci-fi property on Dan Trachtenberg’s plate right now. According to Collider, Trachtenberg is attached to direct a new streaming series based on 1995’s Waterworld.

Trachtenberg is working on the series with producers John Davis and John Fox, who are also producing his upcoming Predator prequel, Skull. Set hundreds of years from now, Waterworld imagined a future where the polar ice caps have melted and turned Earth into a flooded post-apocalyptic wasteland. Kevin Costner starred as The Mariner, a nautical vagabond who finds himself escorting a young girl (Tina Majorino) and her guardian (Jeanne Tripplehorn) to the last vestige of dry land on Earth. Along the way, they repeatedly clash with a band of pirates known as the Smokers, led by Dennis Hopper’s Deacon.

Davis, who also produced the original movie, claimed that the series will pick up 20 years after its ending, which memorably saw The Mariner return to his life on the open ocean after delivering his charges to Dryland. He also implied that the show would feature the same characters. Regardless, he didn’t mention whether he’d had any conversations with Costner, Tripplehorn, or Majorino about reprising their roles.

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However, the potential show is still early in the development process, and there’s no showrunner attached. But the producers are currently taking pitches from different writers and hope to make a selection “over the next couple of weeks.”

“We’re not 100% sure on the approach to the show,” said Fox. “But definitely, we’re in the building stages right now.”

What would you like to see from a Waterworld TV series? Also, do you think that the original stars will return? Tell us your ideas in the comment section below!

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