The Final Season of Lucifer Hits Netflix in September

A devoted fan community kept Lucifer on the air after Fox canceled the show in 2018. But now it’s Netflix’s turn to bid the Devil farewell. During the show’s Comic-Con@Home panel, star Tom Ellis and executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich announced that Lucifer Morningstar will spread his wings for the last time when the show’s sixth and final season debuts on September 10.

Ellis, Henderson, and Modrovich also premiered a teaser trailer for the new episodes. It’s almost completely dialogue-free and features a rapid-fire montage of scenes from the show. In addition to Lucifer peeling around L.A. street corners in his convertible, we also see familiar heavyweights like Amenadiel, Chloe, Maze, Ella and more. There’s even a fun callback to season 1, where Lucifer runs afoul of the same traffic cop who pulled him over in the series’ pilot.

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The last time we saw Lucifer, he became the new God after sparing the life of his twin brother, Michael, who instead had his wings clipped, and got a second chance on Earth. Naturally, viewers are very curious to see what Lucifer does with this kind of power. And according to Henderson, this turn made writing the new season so rewarding.

“So much of the story of Season 5 was maturing and growing up,” said Henderson (via IGN). “There is so much to explore when you get to the moment where you think you’re done. You think you’ve become the person you’re trying to become. That became really interesting to explore.”

Are you excited to watch Lucifer’s final season later this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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